31 Aug 2021

Chinese Culture Games

Learn about Chinese culture via game-based learning. Culture Buff Chinese Values games teach Chinese values via culture scenarios from everyday life and history. Designed by culture experts, our games illustrate Chinese values and value ideals such as tradition, family and relationship-oriented, harmony, face, hierarchy, material success and much more via the power of visual storytelling. Visual storytelling is a great way to arouse curiosity and interest in Chinese culture. The visual illustrations help to boost recall and retention of culture knowledge. The interactive nature of our games induces a spirit of competition and boosts learner participation in culture learning. Game-based culture learning is a great tool for educators to open up a discussion with learners and foster a sharing of different perspectives. Culture Buff Chinese Values games can be facilitated by a teacher or educator and incorporated into social studies or social classes. It can also be facilitated by an intercultural trainer and incorporated into China cultural training, China relocation training, intercultural training, cross-cultural training, general culture awareness training, study abroad programs in China, virtual culture exchange programs or used in a self-directed way by students and individuals interested in Chinese culture. Become culturally competent with our FREE Chinese Values Games at www.culturebuffgames.com.

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