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Bridge the culture gap for international students

Culture Buff Games are interactive games that help colleges and high schools raise culture awareness for international students.

How it Works

American and British culture games for high-school students and university students

Incorporate our games into your student orientation

Culture Buff Games

Culture Buff Games are country-specific interactive games that teach students about cultural values. Our games help learners develop cultural awareness and competence in a fun and engaging way.

Learn about culture diversity with our interactive games

Understand Cultural Values

Culture Buff Games help learners understand what values are important in each country and why people from different countries behave differently.

Learn about British culture, Chinese culture, Indian culture and American culture with interactive games

Power of Visual Storytelling & Gamification

Our games leverage the power of visual storytelling and harness the power of gamification to drive participation and engagement in learning. Our unique methodology is learner driven and promotes practical application of cultural knowledge.

Learn about cultural differences with interactive games

Affordable and Effective

Accessible anytime at a fraction of the cost of traditional cultural training. Culture Buff Games are fun, engaging and cost-effective. We offer a powerful cultural training tool for trainer facilitated, group or self-directed learning.

Cost-effective games for cross-cultural and intercultural training

Benefits To Educational Institutions

A perfect tool for educational institutions and foreign exchange
programs to boost cultural competency of students

Our games empower administrators, exchange program managers and the international student office to enhance their student cross-cultural training.
A perfect tool to boost cultural awareness among non-native English speakers attending US high schools and universities.
Quickly and effectively impart bite-sized, actionable cultural knowledge to international students.
Incorporate our games to enhance your trainer facilitated student orientation or as an independent study tool for students.
Leverage the benefits of visual storytelling to teach complex cultural values.
Harness our learner-driven methodology to accelerate learning and reduce costs.
Exploit the power of gamification to boost student participation.
Integrate our games to enhance pre-departure and post-arrival cultural training.

Benefits To International Students

Our learner-centric model is a perfect tool for
students to boost cultural competence

Our Games Help Students

Bridge the culture gap and quickly thrive at high school or university.
Feel more relaxed, confident and connected with their peers at a foreign educational institution.
Effectively understand the cultural values, behavior and traditions of a foreign culture.
Boost their grades by accelerating cultural acclimatization in a fun and engaging way.
Boost retention of cultural knowledge and recall via visual illustrations of cultural values.
Accelerate learning by leveraging the benefits of gamification.

Available Games

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