29 Mar 2020

Join our Affiliate Program

Culture Buff Games invites international student exchange programs, work travel abroad programs and language schools to join our Affiliate Program and earn revenues with minimal effort. Our affiliates are paid a commission (a percentage of the total sale) for every web-based purchase of our interactive games that is the direct result of web-traffic diverted to our website from your organization’s website, Facebook page, student newsletters or student e-mail.

Culture Buff Games (www.culturebuffgames.comis an Edtech developer of a game-based culture learning tool. Designed by culture experts, our interactive games leverage visual storytelling to teach American Values, British Values, Indian Values and Chinese Values to foreign high school students, university students, language exchange students, gap year and work travel abroad program participants.

Our affiliate program is free to join with no monthly charges and no minimum sales requirements. Becoming an affiliate is easy with minimal development effort on your side. Just send an email to invoices@culturebuffgames.com with your contact details and our team will contact you to discuss terms and conditions and to assist you with any technical help that you may need.

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