24 Jan 2023

Scottish Culture – Burns Night

Burns Night marks the anniversary of Robert Burns’ birth, Scotland’s most famous poet. Many Scots celebrate Robert Burns and his contribution to Scottish culture by going to a traditional Burns supper. The highlight of the evening is the arrival of Scotland’s national dish, the haggis. At a traditional Burns Suppers, the chef follows the piper into the room, carrying the haggis on a silver platter. The speaker delivers a rendition of Burn’s Address to a Haggis. After apologising for ‘killing’ the haggis, the speaker then dramatically plunges the knife into the haggis. The speaker then calls for the guests to toast the haggis and everyone raises their glasses and shouts ‘The Haggis’ before enjoying a dram of whisky. The Haggis are eaten with neeps (turnips) and tatties (potatoes) and rounded off with cranachan and a traditional cheese board. Some of Burns’ poems and songs are recited and tributes are made to the poet. Culture Buff Games help students understand what culture values are important in each country and why people from different countries behave differently. Our games leverage visual storytelling to illustrate how values manifest in everyday contemporary life and are informed by historical events. Our games can be facilitated by an intercultural trainer, teacher or used by learners in a self-directed mode. Get free games at https://www.culturebuffgames.com/

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