22 Dec 2022

Christmas in India

The Christmas celebration in Goa is inspired by the historical connection with Portugal. Over a quarter of Goans are Christian, whose ancestors converted to Catholicism during Portuguese rule. During Christmas Goans hang star-shaped paper lanterns inside their houses and in the streets. Some Goans decorate their houses with artificial Christmas tree, whilst others decorate mango or banana trees. Making homemade Christmas sweets or kuswar and offering them to visitors, neighbours and friends is a tradition borrowed from the Portuguese. Goan Christmas sweets include bebinca (multi-layered cake), pinaca (jaggery and coconut sweets), dodol (jelly like sweet made with coconut milk, jaggery and nuts) kulkuls (deep-fried curled sweet pastry), nevries (moon- shaped puffs filled with coconut and semolina) goan milk cream (cashew and milk fudge) and Goan Baath cake (coconut and semolina cake). Get FREE INTERACTIVE GAMES on Indian culture values, traditions and culture at www.culturebuffgames.com

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