04 Jun 2022

English Festivals – Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Festival

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling Festival is an annual contest held at Cooper’s Hill in Gloucester, England.  Cheese rolling is a unique tradition that dates back more than 600 years. A 9 lb or 4 kg piece of Double Gloucester cheese is tossed down Cooper’s Hill, and competitors follow it straight to the bottom.  The objective of the race is to capture the cheese by throwing oneself down a 1:2 gradient hill.  If no one gets the cheese, the champion is the first person to reach the finish line, and the cheese is the reward. Only once every eight years does someone actually capture the cheese. Capturing the cheese may appear simple, however it is quite challenging due to the gradient of the hill. Each year, many injuries occur due to the hill’s slope and irregular surface. The Cooper’s Hill Cheese Rolling festival is attended by local villagers and spectators from all across England. Get FREE INTERACTIVE GAMES on British Culture Values at www.culturebuffgames.com

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