30 Sep 2021

Chinese Culture – Golden Week

The Chinese holiday from Oct 1st to Oct 7th is called ‘Golden Week’. China is expecting a boom in domestic travel during “Golden Week“ this year. Popular destinations for domestic travel include the beaches of Hainan island,  the mountains of Yunnan and the giant panda sanctuaries in Sichuan. Culture Buff Chinese Values games leverage visual culture stories from everyday life and history to teach students, expatriates, study abroad program and work travel program participants about Chinese culture values. Culture Buff Chinese Values games can be facilitated by an intercultural trainer and incorporated into China cultural training, China relocation training, study abroad programs in China, virtual culture exchange programs or used in a self-directed way by students or individuals interested in Chinese culture. Become culturally competent by learning about Chinese values, traditions and culture with FREE GAMES at www.culturebuffgames.com.

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